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The water gas or water car is moving closer to becoming a reality. One of the biggest problems with the water gas car has been the storage of hydrogen fuel. Hydrogen fuel takes almost 40 times more space to store than gasoline, so in order to store enough hydrogen gas it must be compressed. At $100,000.00 a piece, this will never work.

The hho news is that researchers have discovered a way to store large amounts of hydrogen gas without compressing the hydrogen fuel. Green Energy Hydrogen Cars may be getting closer to becoming a reality with this discovery.

You can read the full story here: Water Gas

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HHO Dry Cell With Complete Kit

Hho2u now offers the hho drycell with a complete install kit. We could charge four and five hundred dollars for this dry cell kit like many other sites do, but we do not. This hydrogen generator, hydrogen gas production system is a great buy.

Go To HHO Dry Cell Kit

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Our New HHO Dry Cell (DryCell)

We now have our new HHO Dry Cell Hydrogen on Demand Generator. I challenge everyone to find a better constructed HHO Dry Cell Generator at this low price, anywhere. It puts out between 1 and 2 liters per minute at 12-18 amps. This Hydrogen Generator has 11 plates that are 3.5″ x 3.5″ 18 gauge 316L stainless steel with 3- 5/16 holes down the center for better flow.

4″ x 4″ 11 Plate Dry Cell

Go here; HHO Dry Cell

I recommend 1oz of KOH to 20-24oz of distilled water to start and then either dilute or add more koh to get the cell to run between 12-16 amps.

Hydrogen on Demand HHO Dry Cell

Hydrogen on Demand HHO Dry Cell

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Hydrogen on Demand

I have published a new Hub on Hydrogen on Demand. Hydrogen on Demand is the answer to the race to an alternative energy and alternative fuel. Hydrogen on Demand HHO, Hydrogen Generators are the answer.

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EFIE’s Electronic Fuel Injection Enhancer

We now have single efie’s, dual efie’s and wideband efie’s. Please visit us at hho2u

EFIE Circuit Boards

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EFIE Help, Which EFIE Do I Need For My HHO Generator? EFIE Information Request Form

The easiest way to determine how many upstream oxygen sensors you have is to use the form at fuelsavers. You simply put the information in the efie request form, submit it, and usually within a couple days or even hours you will get an email with the information.

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Evidence From Authoritative Professionals, Hydrogen Generators Produce Affordable Energy.

Evidence From Authoritative Professionals, Hydrogen Generators Produce Affordable Energy.

I have published a list of professional authorities, such as NASA, who support the fact that hydrogen generators are an affordable way to produce hho gas. Go to Hydrogen Generator to view my article.

The water car may not be a total reality yet, but the hho generator is.

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