DIY HHO – Build Your Own Dry Cell – DIY HHO Dry cell

Hey all hho installers !!

This is a must see for anyone who is interested in building an hho dry cell. The folks over at are offering hho dry cell diy kits for about 1/2 what you can buy the cell for. These particular dry cells are designed by hho2u and are  about the best hho dry cell design out there.

2hho diy dry cell Diy HHO Dry Cell Kit

No other hho generator site has this deal to the best of my knowledge. HHO2u has exclusively drawn up a deal with this site, they don’t even offer these diy hho kits on their own site.

11 plate hho dry cell kits – 13 plate diy dry cells – 21 plate diy hho dry cells and 25 plate dry cell kits Awesome deal.

DIY HHO Dry Cell Kit



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