Mike Allen, HHO Generator and Popular Mechanics

By now most of you have read about Mike Allen at Popular Mechanics and his hho dry cell test. It is my opinion that I would not allow a mechanic like this who can not follow simple instructions, near my vehicle. I have responded to Mike Allen several times by leaving a comment, but Popular Mechanics refuses to post my comments. Since this is the case, I will begin posting the comments I leave on Popular Mechanics here on my hho blog. Get an hho kit and find out for yourself that these hydrogen fuel systems do work. Following is my latest comment to Mike Allen and Popular Mechanics.

Posted by HHO Dry Cell Generator
You all need to understand the real truth of why corporate america is so against any product like hho generators. Do the readers here at Popular Mechanics understand that if Mike Allen followed all the directions correctly for an hho installation his test would prove these devices do work? And what would the result be? Billions of dollars lost by the automotive industry in the form of no need for all the smog devices on vehicles and the loss of work for all the mechanics who work on these smog devices. To show the truth about these devices would also mean the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars to the States in the form of tax revenue collected by them from the federal government for the fight against pollution. Hundreds of thousands now use these hydrogen fuel devices and report fuel savings, why is it that Mike Allen and a few corporate television stations continue to hide this huge fact? This is only about the tenth comment I have posted here, so far Popular Mechanics has refused to post a single comment, maybe this one will sneak by.

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