Hello, and welcome to “Hydrogen Generator” The Hydrogen Generator Blog.

Hydrogen for fuel is not a new technology. This process of turning water into a usable fuel was discovered  In 1839, the first fuel cell was made by an inventor and physicist, Sir William Robert Grove, a Welsh Judge. I have began this blog to dispel all the myths about Hydrogen Generators.

A lot of people, educated people, are saying the HHO Generator is not worth the trouble. They say it takes just as much energy to produce the “hho” as you get out of it. This simply is not true,if the hho generator is used to supply gas as a supplement to fossil fuel; and I challenge anyone to stop by my blog and discuss this false view about the Hydrogen Generator.

I’ll be sharing documented evidence from organizations like NASA and many others from the Science fields that prove the Hydrogen Generator is a viable way to save energy.

Feel free to join in on the discussions and visit the most informative site on HHO Generators. We’ ll be discussing subjects such as: Browns Gas, Fuel Cells, HHO, HHO Generators and the difference between wet and dry cell Generators.


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Hello, my name is Larry.
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