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Hydrogen for fuel is not a new technology. This process of turning water into a usable fuel was discovered  In 1839, the first fuel cell was made by an inventor and physicist, Sir William Robert Grove, a Welsh Judge. I have began this blog to dispel all the myths about Hydrogen Generators.

A lot of people, educated people, are saying the HHO Generator is not worth the trouble. They say it takes just as much energy to produce the “hho” as you get out of it. This simply is not true,if the hho generator is used to supply gas as a supplement to fossil fuel; and I challenge anyone to stop by my blog and discuss this false view about the Hydrogen Generator.

I’ll be sharing documented evidence from organizations like NASA and many others from the Science fields that prove the Hydrogen Generator is a viable way to save energy.

Feel free to join in on the discussions and visit the most informative site on HHO Generators. We’ ll be discussing subjects such as: Browns Gas, Fuel Cells, HHO, HHO Generators and the difference between wet and dry cell Generators.

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DIY HHO – Build Your Own Dry Cell – DIY HHO Dry cell

Hey all hho installers !!

This is a must see for anyone who is interested in building an hho dry cell. The folks over at 2hho.com are offering hho dry cell diy kits for about 1/2 what you can buy the cell for. These particular dry cells are designed by hho2u and are  about the best hho dry cell design out there.

2hho diy dry cell

@2hho.com Diy HHO Dry Cell Kit

No other hho generator site has this deal to the best of my knowledge. HHO2u has exclusively drawn up a deal with this site, they don’t even offer these diy hho kits on their own site.

11 plate hho dry cell kits – 13 plate diy dry cells – 21 plate diy hho dry cells and 25 plate dry cell kits Awesome deal.

DIY HHO Dry Cell Kit


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HHO Dry Cell Designs

Building on the original design hho2u is developing an hho system that will work on long haul diesel trucks, all trucks can not be modified but 80% of the diesels out there can use hho as supplement to cut fuel cost and pass smog with flying colors.

You can learn more about all the hho dry cell designs at hho dry cell.

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HHO Dry Cell Designs

Learn about available hho dry cell designs. Please read our latest hho dry cell article at hho dry cell I give you a complete history and development of the hho generator, starting with the water 4 gas design all the way to the present platinum hho dry cell.

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Mike Allen, HHO Generator and Popular Mechanics

By now most of you have read about Mike Allen at Popular Mechanics and his hho dry cell test. It is my opinion that I would not allow a mechanic like this who can not follow simple instructions, near my vehicle. I have responded to Mike Allen several times by leaving a comment, but Popular Mechanics refuses to post my comments. Since this is the case, I will begin posting the comments I leave on Popular Mechanics here on my hho blog. Get an hho kit and find out for yourself that these hydrogen fuel systems do work. Following is my latest comment to Mike Allen and Popular Mechanics.

Posted by HHO Dry Cell Generator
You all need to understand the real truth of why corporate america is so against any product like hho generators. Do the readers here at Popular Mechanics understand that if Mike Allen followed all the directions correctly for an hho installation his test would prove these devices do work? And what would the result be? Billions of dollars lost by the automotive industry in the form of no need for all the smog devices on vehicles and the loss of work for all the mechanics who work on these smog devices. To show the truth about these devices would also mean the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars to the States in the form of tax revenue collected by them from the federal government for the fight against pollution. Hundreds of thousands now use these hydrogen fuel devices and report fuel savings, why is it that Mike Allen and a few corporate television stations continue to hide this huge fact? This is only about the tenth comment I have posted here, so far Popular Mechanics has refused to post a single comment, maybe this one will sneak by.

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Most efficient hho dry cell

I have several emails complaining about a so called best hho dry cell, so you had better make sure who you are dealing with when you buy a cheap dry cell. Many times you get what you pay for. To see the latest hydrogen fuel generator we are recommending go to best hho dry cell

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HHO Wiring Diagram

Have you ever wanted a simple wiring diagram showing how to install all the electrical components for an hho generator? How about a diagram that is easy for the diy hho plans installer. This hho diagram will show you exactly how to install an hho dry cell or hydrogen generators. Go to HHO

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Free HHO Plans, Dry Cell Plans

Tired of these supposed hho experts selling plans of all sorts to build hho generators or complete hho kits, Me Too.

Most used hho generator kit Worldwide

Complete HHO Kit

There are a few reputable hho generator sites out there that offer not only every kind of plan available for hho enthusiast for free, but also complete hho kits ready to install for about the cost of some of these books that only describe what you need to “run your car on water” – what a scam.

If you are looking for free hho plans, hydrogen generator plans, hho dry cell plans, you can find the hho plans at HHO Free Stuff.

For the best hho Generator and install kits tryHHO Kits

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Green Energy News HHO Hydrogen

The water gas or water car is moving closer to becoming a reality. One of the biggest problems with the water gas car has been the storage of hydrogen fuel. Hydrogen fuel takes almost 40 times more space to store than gasoline, so in order to store enough hydrogen gas it must be compressed. At $100,000.00 a piece, this will never work.

The hho news is that researchers have discovered a way to store large amounts of hydrogen gas without compressing the hydrogen fuel. Green Energy Hydrogen Cars may be getting closer to becoming a reality with this discovery.

You can read the full story here: Water Gas

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HHO Dry Cell With Complete Kit

Hho2u now offers the hho drycell with a complete install kit. We could charge four and five hundred dollars for this dry cell kit like many other sites do, but we do not. This hydrogen generator, hydrogen gas production system is a great buy.

Go To HHO Dry Cell Kit

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Our New HHO Dry Cell (DryCell)

We now have our new HHO Dry Cell Hydrogen on Demand Generator. I challenge everyone to find a better constructed HHO Dry Cell Generator at this low price, anywhere. It puts out between 1 and 2 liters per minute at 12-18 amps. This Hydrogen Generator has 11 plates that are 3.5″ x 3.5″ 18 gauge 316L stainless steel with 3- 5/16 holes down the center for better flow.

4″ x 4″ 11 Plate Dry Cell

Go here; HHO Dry Cell

I recommend 1oz of KOH to 20-24oz of distilled water to start and then either dilute or add more koh to get the cell to run between 12-16 amps.

Hydrogen on Demand HHO Dry Cell

Hydrogen on Demand HHO Dry Cell

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